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High Quality Wallet Style Blank PU Leather Phone Case 2D Sublimation Blank Flip Cover

One-Stop Transfer Printing Supplier
Material:PU leather With card slots
Size: Front Surface
Heat press: Flat Clamshell Heat Press
Sublimation Temperature&Time: 180°C /120S

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Sublimation blank size

Front Surface



Wallet Style Blank PU Leather  2D Sublimation Blank  Phone Case

One-Stop Transfer Printing Supplier

Item No.:STB-EC2D-PU01

Material:PU leather With card slots

Size: Front Surface


Heat press: Flat Clamshell Heat Press

Sublimation Temperature&Time: 180°C /120S

Apple/iPhoneiPhone 4sLeather+FabricBlack
iPhone 5/5sLeather+FabricBlack
iPhone 5CLeather+FabricBlack
iPhone 6/6SLeather+FabricBlack
iPhone 6/6s PlusLeather+FabricBlack
iPhone 7/8Leather+FabricBlack
iPhone 7/8 PlusLeather+FabricBlack
iPhone XLeather+FabricBlack
Ipod touch 5Leather+FabricBlack
Ipod touch 6Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD PRO 9.7Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD PRO 12.9Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD 9.7 2017Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD AIR 2Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD AIR 1Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD 2/3/4Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD mini 1/2/3Leather+FabricBlack
IPAD mini 4Leather+FabricBlack
SamsungGalaxy A3 Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A3-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A3-2017Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A5Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A5-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A5-2017Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A5-2018Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A7Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A7-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A7-2017Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A8-2018Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy A8 Plus-2018Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S3Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S3 MiniLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S4Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S4 MiniLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S5Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S5 MiniLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S6Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S6 EDGELeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S7Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S7 EDGELeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S6 EDGE PLUSLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S8Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S8 PLUSLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S8 ActiveLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S9Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy S9 PLUSLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J1Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J1-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J3Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J3-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J3-2017Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J330Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J3 EmergeLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J4 2018Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J5Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J5-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J5-2017Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J530Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J5 PRIMELeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J6 2018Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J7Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J7-2016Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J7 PRIMELeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J7-2017Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy J730Leather+FabricBlack
Samsung core2/355HLeather+FabricBlack
Samsung core prime/3608Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy 5306Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy E5Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy G850FLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy Note 3Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy Note 4Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy Note 5Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy Note 7Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy Note 8Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy ON5/O5  Leather+FabricBlack
Galaxy ON5 ProLeather+FabricBlack
Galaxy ON8Leather+FabricBlack
Samsung Tab S2 9.7/T815 360 RotateLeather+FabricBlack
Samsung Tab 4 10.1 RotateLeather+FabricBlack
Samsung Tab A 10.1/T580 RotateLeather+FabricBlack
HuaweiHuawei Y5 IILeather+FabricBlack
Huawei Y541Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei Y6Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei Y6 ProLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei Y6 2 CompactLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei Honor 6XLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei Honor 7  Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei Honor 7 Lite/honor 5CLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei Honor 8Leather+FabricBlack
Honor 8 Lite/P8 Lite 2017Leather+FabricBlack
HUAwei nexus 6PLeather+FabricBlack
HUAwei P7Leather+FabricBlack
HUAwei P8Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei P8 LiteLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei P9Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei P9 LiteLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei P9 Lite 2017Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei P10Leather+FabricBlack
Huawei P10 PlusLeather+FabricBlack
Huawei Mate 9 ProLeather+FabricBlack
HUAwei Honor MagicLeather+FabricBlack
SonySony Xperia M9Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z1Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z1 MiniLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z2Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z2 MINILeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z3/Z4 MINILeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z3 MINILeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z4Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z5Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z5 MINILeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia Z5 PremiumLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia M4Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia M4 AquaLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia M5Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XALeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XA1/G3121Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XA1 UltraLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XA Ultra(C6)Leather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XZLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XZSLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia XZ PremiumLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia X Compact/X MINILeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia X PerformanceLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia E4GLeather+FabricBlack
Sony Xperia E5Leather+FabricBlack
Google/LGGoogle 5Leather+FabricBlack
Google pixelLeather+FabricBlack
Google pixel xlLeather+FabricBlack
LG K4 (2017)Leather+FabricBlack
LG K5Leather+FabricBlack
LG K7Leather+FabricBlack
LG K8 (2017)Leather+FabricBlack
LG K10 (2017)Leather+FabricBlack
LG G3Leather+FabricBlack
LG G4Leather+FabricBlack
LG G5Leather+FabricBlack
LG G6Leather+FabricBlack
LG V10Leather+FabricBlack
LG V20Leather+FabricBlack
LG nexus 5XLeather+FabricBlack
LG SpiritLeather+FabricBlack
LG nexus 5XLeather+FabricBlack
LG BelloLeather+FabricBlack
MotorolaMotorola nexus 6Leather+FabricBlack
Motorola MOTO G4Leather+FabricBlack
Motorola MOTO G4 PlusLeather+FabricBlack
Motorola MOTO G5Leather+FabricBlack
Motorola MOTO G5 PlusLeather+FabricBlack
Motorola Moto Z Play/Z ForceLeather+FabricBlack
HTCHTC M9Leather+FabricBlack
HTC M10Leather+FabricBlack
HTC M10 EvoLeather+FabricBlack
HTC 530 PITAOLeather+FabricBlack
Nokia 435Leather+FabricBlack
Nokia 520Leather+FabricBlack
Nokia 530Leather+FabricBlack
Nokia 630Leather+FabricBlack
Nokia 635Leather+FabricBlack
Nokia 640Leather+FabricBlack
Nokia 650Leather+FabricBlack
Alcatelidol 3 5.7"Leather+FabricBlack
pop 4Leather+FabricBlack
pop 4SLeather+FabricBlack
pixi 4.5" 4GLeather+FabricBlack
pixi 4.6" 4GLeather+FabricBlack
WIKOWIKO Lenny 2Leather+FabricBlack
WIKO Lenny 3Leather+FabricBlack
One PlusOne plus 3Leather+FabricBlack
One plus OneLeather+FabricBlack
LenovoLenovo A Plus A1010/A20Leather+FabricBlack
Lenovo VIBE C2Leather+FabricBlack
Lenovo K6Leather+FabricBlack
KindleKINDLE FIRE 2015-7"Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE 2013 HD-7"Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE 2012 HD-7"Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE VOYAGE-5"Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE VOYAGE-6"Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE Paper WhiteLeather+FabricBlack
20 x Kindle Frie 2014Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE HD 8Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE HD 10Leather+FabricBlack
KINDLE HDX7Leather+FabricBlack

  • Item No.:TB-EC2D-PU01
  • Material:PU leather With card slots
  • Colors:Black
  • Size:Front Surface
  • Application:Scratch-proof,Decoration
High Quality Wallet Style Blank PU Leather Phone Case 2D Sublimation Blank Flip Cover
One-Stop Transfer Printing Supplier
Material:PU leather With card slots
Size: Front Surface
Heat press: Flat Clamshell Heat Press
Sublimation Temperature&Time: 180°C /120S
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