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2D Sublimation All Soft Anti-Scratch Phone Case

One-Stop Transfer Printing Supplier
Material:Soft TPU+ film sheet
Size: Back Surface
Heat press: Flat Clamshell Heat Press
Sublimation Temperature&Time: 180°C /120S

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Sublimation blank size

Back Surface



2D Sublimation  All Soft Anti-Scratch Phone Case

One-Stop Transfer Printing Supplier

Item No.:STB-EC2D-TPU02

Material:Soft TPU+ film sheet 

Size: Back Surface


Heat press: Flat Clamshell Heat Press

Sublimation Temperature&Time: 180°C /120S

Apple/iPhoneIphone 4All SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphone 5/5S/SEAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphone 5CAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphone 6/6SAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphone 6/6S PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphone7/8/SE2All SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphoen 7 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphoen XAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphoen XRAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Iphoen XS MAXAll SoftBlack/Transparent
SamsungS3All SoftBlack/Transparent
S4All SoftBlack/Transparent
S5All SoftBlack/Transparent
S6All SoftBlack/Transparent
S6 EdgeAll SoftBlack/Transparent
S7All SoftBlack/Transparent
S7 EdgeAll SoftBlack/Transparent
S8All SoftBlack/Transparent
S8 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
S9All SoftBlack/Transparent
S9 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
S10All SoftBlack/Transparent
S10 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
S10 Lite/S10EAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J2All SoftBlack/Transparent
J3/J3-2016All SoftBlack/Transparent
J5All SoftBlack/Transparent
J7/J7 nxt/J7 Neo/J7 CoreAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J7 MaxAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J7 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J2-2016All SoftBlack/Transparent
J5-2016All SoftBlack/Transparent
J7-2016All SoftBlack/Transparent
J3-2017 欧版All SoftBlack/Transparent
J5-2017 欧版All SoftBlack/Transparent
J7-2017 欧版All SoftBlack/Transparent
J2 Prime/J2 ACEAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J2 PRO-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
J3 PrimeAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J5 Prime/On5-2016All SoftBlack/Transparent
J7 Prime/On7-2016All SoftBlack/Transparent
J3-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
J4-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
J6-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
J8-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
J4 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
J6 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
C9 PROAll SoftBlack/Transparent
A3All SoftBlack/Transparent
A5All SoftBlack/Transparent
A6All SoftBlack/Transparent
A6 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
A7All SoftBlack/Transparent
A8All SoftBlack/Transparent
A8SAll SoftBlack/Transparent
A9All SoftBlack/Transparent
A310All SoftBlack/Transparent
A510All SoftBlack/Transparent
A710All SoftBlack/Transparent
A3-2017All SoftBlack/Transparent
A5-2017All SoftBlack/Transparent
A7-2017All SoftBlack/Transparent
A750/A7-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
A8-2018 / A5-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
A8 Plus-2018 / A7-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
A9-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
Grand Prime /G5306All SoftBlack/Transparent
Core Prime/G360All SoftBlack/Transparent
Grand 2 / 7106All SoftBlack/Transparent
NOTE 2All SoftBlack/Transparent
NOTE 3All SoftBlack/Transparent
NOTE 4All SoftBlack/Transparent
NOTE 5All SoftBlack/Transparent
NOTE 5 Edge/S6 Edge+All SoftBlack/Transparent
SS NOTE 8All SoftBlack/Transparent
SS NOTE 9All SoftBlack/Transparent
Huawei/HonorP8All SoftBlack/Transparent
P8  LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent
 P8-Lite(2017)/NOVA Lite /Honor 8 Lite/GR 3-2017/PRA-LA1/PRA-LX1/ P9 Lite 2017  All SoftBlack/Transparent
P9All SoftBlack/Transparent
P9 LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent
P10All SoftBlack/Transparent
P10+All SoftBlack/Transparent
P10  LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent
P20All SoftBlack/Transparent
P20+All SoftBlack/Transparent
P20 LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Mate 10All SoftBlack/Transparent
Mate 10 ProAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Mate 20All SoftBlack/Transparent
Mate 20 LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Mate 20 ProAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Play 6X/Mate9-LITE/GR5-2017/Play 6xAll SoftBlack/Transparent
G8All SoftBlack/Transparent
Mate 10 Lite(international)NOVA2i(malaysia)-Honor9i(India)All SoftBlack/Transparent
NOVA-2 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
NOVA 3iAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Y3 2017All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y5 2017/Y6 2017All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y6 2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y7All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y7 PrimeAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Y7 Prime-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y7 PR0-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y9-2018All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y9-2019All SoftBlack/Transparent
P Smart / Enjoy 7SAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Y7 PRO 2019/Enjoy 9All SoftBlack/Transparent
LGLG K7All SoftBlack/Transparent
LG K10All SoftBlack/Transparent
LG G6All SoftBlack/Transparent
OPPO OPPO A59/F1SAll SoftBlack/Transparent
F1/A35All SoftBlack/Transparent
F1 PLUS/R9All SoftBlack/Transparent
F3All SoftBlack/Transparent
F5All SoftBlack/Transparent
 OPPO F7All SoftBlack/Transparent
 OPPO F9All SoftBlack/Transparent
F3/Taiwan OPPO A77All SoftBlack/Transparent
R9 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
R9SAll SoftBlack/Transparent
R11All SoftBlack/Transparent
R11S PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
 R9S Plus/F3 Plus All SoftBlack/Transparent
A33TAll SoftBlack/Transparent
A5/A3SAll SoftBlack/Transparent
A7All SoftBlack/Transparent
Neo 9 / A37All SoftBlack/Transparent
NEO 9S / A39/ A57All SoftBlack/Transparent
 A77 All SoftBlack/Transparent
A83All SoftBlack/Transparent
VIVOY53All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y55/Y55S /Y55L/Y55AAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Y69All SoftBlack/Transparent
Y91All SoftBlack/Transparent
V5/Y67/V5S /V5 LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent
V7 PlusAll SoftBlack/Transparent
V9All SoftBlack/Transparent
V11/V11 PROAll SoftBlack/Transparent
XiaoMiRedmi 4XAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Redmi 4AAll SoftBlack/Transparent
Redmi NOTE 4X/ NOTE 4All SoftBlack/Transparent
Redmi NOTE 5X/ A1All SoftBlack/Transparent
红米 6X/A2All SoftBlack/Transparent
红米 NOTE 5 PROAll SoftBlack/Transparent
红米 6 PRO PCAll SoftBlack/Transparent
小米 8 LiteAll SoftBlack/Transparent

  • Item No.:STB-EC2D-TPU02
  • Material:Soft TPU+ film sheet
  • Colors:Black/Transparent
  • Size:Back Surface
  • Application:Scratch-proof,Decoration
2D Sublimation All Soft Anti-Scratch Phone Case
One-Stop Transfer Printing Supplier
Material:Soft TPU+ film sheet
Size: Back Surface
Heat press: Flat Clamshell Heat Press
Sublimation Temperature&Time: 180°C /120S
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